Singapura cat – the smallest breed

22.2.2016 | 12:34

Tiny Singapore and graceful cat will delight not only for its unusual appearance and compact, but also the wonderful nature, they are full of energy and fun, playful, but not angry, not aggressive. It is emotionally dependent on the host, do not like being alone, can be a great friend good-natured child, a favorite pet for fun, active people.
The origin of the breed is a natural, but not without the support of American breeders, took the cat to the east. Singapore is regarded as the smallest domestic cats, because the weight of an adult female woodcocks rarely reaches 2 kg and the male weighs less than 3 kg.
Fabulously beautiful eyes – large and expressive. . Delicate silky fur without podpushka, a cat so nice iron, you do not want to release from the hands
Breed quite rare breeders small, so the cost of the kittens is quite high – 30 thousand rubles is the most inexpensive kitten.
When buying a kitten Singaporean rock note that pick from mom can be only 3-4 months, because the development takes longer than other breeds, but this fact is not nearly affects the health.

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How to entertain pets

22.2.2016 | 12:32

Our favorite pets bring joy and cheer up all members of the household, but it is very important to take care and they lived in your home comfortable and warm. How to entertain your pet is why it is important to organize the space for your pet wisely, where he could spend time, when there is one. for this purpose, ideal playgrounds for cats, which can buy in large pet stores. But for a cat like a house, you need to know the character of the breed and temperament of your pet. If he is that – you will have to not like it, it is better to abandon the use of this object. Often, just a lot of things bought in pet stores, waiting for the same fate. First of all it concerns such an interesting subject as the running wheel for cats. The running wheel – joy or danger of injury At first glance, this is a very exciting toy for a cat or a cat, but few people think about the consequences of such a passion. Firstly, frequent running can cause congestion and adversely affect the cardiovascular system of the pet. And it will certainly affect his mood and appetite. Buying wheel for cats is also important to take into account their character. Not all animals love actively playing, running and jumping, some by nature prefer a calmer way of life, so this game will probably harm rather than benefit. As a rule, this tire still contains small rotating metal parts that can injure the foot of the animal. Some may even cause allergies, as is not always made ​​of high-quality alternative to materialov.Horoshey this attraction will be houses and claw-point cat. Fascinating houses for gaming will be pleased with your pet Choosing a play house for your pet, look for the following features. Houses must have a site located on a little height from the floor. This is due to the fact that the cat feels secure it at the top, out of the reach of enemies. This will serve as a kind of viewing platform, from where the cat will be able to watch what is happening in the house. Waking period, you can dilute the active games related to jumping and climbing. In such a house can provide toys for a cat or a small ladder bars, climbing frame. And when the owner is not at home, in order to avoid problems such as the damage of furniture, you can buy a pet scratching post. Kittens will also help strengthen the nails, removing only the outer layer. Learn how to use a toy animal will have no difficulty, enough to drip on the surface a little catnip and cat purred and immediately begin to sharpen their claws. Do you want to please your little family member, you need to buy a house cat.

kuz’kinu raskazy. Photos in the newspaper (the story of the mistress)

22.2.2016 | 12:29

Kuzka quickly mastered the “iron” paw, and we began to go out into the garden – April heat. Soon the pallet is not needed. But the cat needed eye so the eye. He always strove to escape “in the pampas.” Once we tied him to a birch tree, to walk on the grass. Côte rabid! He was not used to the collar and leash, I began rushing around a tree, rolled up around him and nearly strangled. I had to abandon this idea. Kota literally grazed, preventing any attempt to escape.
On another occasion,
Kuzma managed (did not have time to intercept) slip between the iron bars in the neighboring garden: something snapped, the cat fell down under a tree and did not get up … turned out, broke a spoke in the machine Illizarova. For three days before it was necessary to remove the device. Nothing survived.
But the most incredible thing happened in the city where
brought for the next inspection to the vet.
Driven quickly to pass the time until the evening, when I had to go back, recovered at the apartment to her grandmother. An inquisitive cat, even though lame, immediately began to inspect the new home-sniffing. The bathroom door was slightly ajar, Kuzma immediately to penetrate … and crawled under the bath, for the water pipe . How he managed to squeeze through to the “iron” paw, boggles the mind. But before he could get out did not, “piece of iron” caught on the tube and not let. As we tried, the cat could not pull it off. He started yelling, grandmother grabbed the heart, and Kuzi mistress – for a phone.
Where to call ?? !!!
In the MOE! You know the phone MOE? Here’s what it is … It’s now have a single emergency phone number, and a few years ago, each service had to call separately.
In general, an hour on the phone – reference, the police again help, MES (not responding), familiar to editors newspaper.
It was there that promise to help, contact the regional headquarters (!!!!!!!) and sending a correspondent to our address, to make a heroic reportage about how emcheesniki rescue cat …
Reporter came first.
And, too, he tried to pull Kuzyu. The cat howled, scratched and did not allow to save themselves. Exhausted, he fell silent, breathing heavily. Next to him, put a saucer of water. My grandmother drank the whole valerian. The phone rang every 15 minutes from the regional headquarters EMERCOM wondered whether their team arrived?
An hour later, the reporter had been waiting for other things to do, made ​​another attempt.
Together, we were able to unscrew the pipe unfortunate, and Kuzma was free. Happy grandmother embraced her (and our!) Favorite, so they and photographed for the newspaper. The journalist left in their newspaper business, rescued cat lapped milk. Then the doorbell rang: on the threshold – a brave emcheesnik in full gear, ready to fight the fire, water and other elements . In the courtyard there was a fire engine, around which have already begun to gather the boys. “Sorry, we just got off the fire. That you need to save a cat? .. ”
Newspaper published a note (with photos) about our Kuzyu and his salvation.
TOGETHER WITH THE TELEPHONE NUMBER FOR WHICH SHOULD APPLY if your pet is in trouble. These phones must be the owner of each Murka, each Tuzik, each Keshi … Here’s a tip.